Dr. Grigoriy Arutyunyan, MD - Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Grigoriy Arutyunyan is one of the city’s premiere orthopedic surgeons. With years of first-hand patient care experience, Dr. Arutyunyan specializes in the treatment of a vast array of orthopedic conditions – most notably orthopedic spinal care issues. His work with the spine has been extensive, and over the years Dr. Arutyunyan has helped dozens of patients drastically improve their quality of life and return from dangerous and even life-threatening conditions.
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Dr. Grigoriy Arutyunyan, MD - Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
Dr. Arutyunyan is an amazing physician! My husband has been having disc issues in his lower back for over a year now, after suffering a herniated disc at his job site, he’s a construction contractor. We wanted to do whatever we could to avoid surgery and when other doctors said it was the only option, Dr. Arutyunyan stuck by us and put him on an extensive physical therapy plan, that included some epidurals and electronic stimulation treatments. He’s completely pain-free and didn’t have to go under the knife! I was involved in a car accident a few months ago and it caused a minor vertebral fracture in my spine. I lost all feeling in my hands for weeks and was terrified about the future. My lawyer found me Dr. Arutyunyan and I truly believe he saved me. After extensive treatment, involving tons of meds and physical therapy he scheduled me for a spinal fusion surgery, something I was really worried about. But the doctor put me at ease and his confidence really rubbed off on me throughout the process. The surgery went great – he helped me through the recovery period offering me encouragement and advice, he even had his staff check up on me in between appointments to make sure I was doing well. He’s an amazing spine doctor. My son was an all-state high school wrestler, getting ready to go to college on a full athletic scholarship The winter before he graduated however, he landed hard on his neck during training, my wife and I were so nervous for him, thinking our son might be paralyzed or worse. Despite terrible symptoms and temporary paralysis for the first few days, he only had slight damage to one of his upper discs and a condition called radiculopathy. Dr. Arutyunyan performed a cervical disc fusion procedure where he connected the vertebrae – possibly saving my son from a life of chronic back pain and issues. While we don’t know if he will be able to wrestle again, we are so happy to see him almost fully recovered and attending college. Thank you doctor Arutyunyan. I was recommended to Dr. Arutyunyan by a colleague at work when I was having severe neck issues. I figured it was from using my phone or staring at a computer all day and was even told this by my previous doctor. Thanks to Dr. Arutyunyan I figured out I actually had some nerve compression in my upper spine, I was really in a lot of pain. While my other doctor just offered me addictive prescription drugs to numb the pain, Dr. Arutyunyan created an extensive treatment plan for me to ease my compression. In the end however, I needed to have a procedure called laminoforaminotomy. He recommended this procedure since it was least invasive and meant the shortest recovery period. Its been 6 months since my surgery and my neck pain is completely gone! I had a spine procedure to repair a damaged disc a few years ago and things haven’t been right ever since. I would get sudden jolts of severe pain, or feel stiff for hours at a time, other times I couldn’t even walk because the pain was unbearable. My old doctor had retired, and I really lost all faith in him, so I found Dr. Arutyunyan online. He checked out my back and spine, did a bunch of tests – X-rays, MRIs and stuff. He decided I should have a revision surgery as he didn’t trust the previous doctor’s work. He cleaned up a ton of scar tissue that had formed in the area and performed a disc replacement procedure. I’m very lucky for finding Dr. Arutyunyan, my revision surgery went great – he really is an amazing doctor. I am even thinking to pursue legal action against my former doctor as well. My son has mild scoliosis since birth and my wife, and I have done everything we could to ensure he had the best care possible. we had just recently moved to the city for her job, when my son started to feel symptoms of pain, so we decided to make an appointment with Dr. Arutyunyan. He came highly recommended by our previous doctor in Connecticut, so we were happy to be able to make an appointment on such short notice, he seemed to be really caring. It turned out our son’s spinal curve had been progressively getting worse over the years, and while it was still categorized as mild, but he said we should consider spinal fusion when he turned 18 or 21. For the time being we were fitted for a brace and Dr. Arutyunyan even recommended we start seeing a therapy specialist every few weeks to help. It feels so good to have a doctor who really cares, especially after the move. After 20 years I just got a medical retirement from the NYPD for my back problems. The pain was getting too much to handle and I stay in bed most days. I got referred to Dr. A since my regular doctor thought my back has gotten bad enough for surgery. This guy’s a life saver…he used some special rods and screws to keep things in place, and fused few of my vertebrae together. I wish I woulda done this sooner, I would probably still be working! Besides some arthritis and some stiffness when I first wake up, I’m completely fine without any pain. I’m a dentist by profession but I consider myself to be an avid runner. Besides my 5-10 miles in the mornings, I’ve done the NYC marathon twice, charity events, and even some triathlons, it’s a real passion for me. The time finally came when my knees pretty much gave out on me, and I needed to have a knee replacement done. I got referred to Dr. Arutyunyan. He did a great job, he’s a wonderful doctor all around. Very kind and personable, and he tried to do whatever he could for me before we settled on the knee replacement. He might be a surgeon but he makes sure to exhaust everything he can before deciding to cut someone open. You can tell he cares for his patients.
Rating: 5 / 5 stars

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